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    batch file or vbscript re-direction


      Is it possible to re-direct the output from a Managed Script to a UNC path?  i've been having a heck of a time trying to get a vbscript and/or a batch file to re-direct it's output to a central location.  i created a share on a server in which i'd like all of the output from the managed script to be re-directed, but it silently runs and outputs nothing to the desitination directory.


      i created a vbscript that would pull of list of all the networked printers from each computer with the hopes that i could re-direct it's output to a central location with their computer name (%COMPUTERNAME%) being the destination file.  i have used both a .bat file that called a vbscript and called the vbscript directly from the managed script, but neither have worked.  i used the following method:



      REMEXEC0=\\ldserver\scripts\printers.bat >\\destserver\share\%COMPUTERNAME%.txt






      REMEXEC0=cscript.exe /nologo \\ldserver\scripts\printers.vbs > \\destserver\share\%COMPUTERNAME%.txt


      when run outside of LANDesk, both function properly, so i'm at a loss.  any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and apologies if i've posted in the incorrect location, but it seemed more appropriate here that anywhere else.