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    Strange schedqry.exe issue




      we are running LDMS 8.7 SP2.

      Since our last Activation of the core server on friday, we have a strange issue.


      Normally we had one scheduled tasks for some basic configuration for all of our clients.

      This task is filled by a regular query, we resolved this query on a hour base, to have new clients very fast in the result list for basic configuration.


      Due to the fact that the normal scheduled "Schedqry.exe /allqueries" is only scheduled in a 3 hour interval (because it runs very long), we decided to run schedqry for the basic configuration task on a  hour base by calling the schedry.exe with parameter /policy=545051 (545051 is the LD_TASK_IDN).


      Since our last activation on friday this schedqry.exe /policy=545051 will not resolve the query anymore. There is no exception in schedqry.exe log, only


      27.01.2009 11:00:10 : Evaluating queries for task 545051
      27.01.2009 11:00:12 : Scheduled query resolution has been completed.
      27.01.2009 12:00:10 : Evaluating queries for task 545051
      27.01.2009 12:00:11 : Scheduled query resolution has been completed.
      27.01.2009 13:00:11 : Evaluating queries for task 545051
      27.01.2009 13:00:13 : Scheduled query resolution has been completed.


      As you can see the tool woll run for 2 seconds and then stop. But normally the query which is connected to task 545051 will run 10 minutes to resolve.

      Due to this fact we have no targets in the task and our basic configuration will not run.


      The strange issue is that schedqry.exe /allqueries will resolve the query and add the targets again into the task.

      But that is not a way because we can not schedule /allqueries to run on a hour base, because this will takes to long till it ends with resolving all queries.


      Anybody any Idea, why this happends after our laster Coreserver activation (licensing is okay).

      We have this issue on all of our 4 core servers and we can exactly correlate the misbehaviour with the time point of reactivating the servers.


      Is there a XTRACE value for schedqry.exe? I could not find a value.


      Thx for any help!


      Regards Paider

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          There is no XTrace for Schedqry, no. It may log additional information if you enable XTrace for "Scheduler" as a side-effect, but generally no.


          If the query is an LDAP query, then those get tracked in a separate file ... or should do (though I think that addition and differentiator came in around 8.7 SP3 or so - it's quite a while back to recall with precision) - "schedldapresolver" ...


          There's no (known) reason why this should be happening ... unless something silly like Directory manager can't access your AD anymore (but that wouldn't make sense, since "/Allqueries" as you stated resolves fine) ...?


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            zman Master

            In addition to what Paul said, I would be concerned that the query takes 10 minutes to resolve.  If it is a LDAP query then at least in 8.8 there is a patch for long ldap queries timing out. What I normally do in these situations is:


            1. Evaluate the query - does it still run returning the results you want - ldap and machine queries. If not fix.
            2. Cancel the job
            3. Restart all LANDesk/Intel Services
            4. Start the job


            Also does it work by hand (running it outside the sched task)?  I also think there are some newer SPs for 8.7 that may address this.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              There are newer SP's of course, but I know this particular bunch personally and they know we've been wanting to get them to a newer SP level for a while - it's unfortunately not a very straight forward situation .


              Good idea on re-starting the task though - that could un-jinx whatever is stuck ...


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical lead

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                Thx for you answers.


                It is not a LDAP query.

                We do not use LDAP Queries.


                I also rechecked the query (It will run with /allqueris)

                I canceled the job.

                I started a new job with the query

                I restarted first the services, because of no effect also the server


                But what I would say: It is not related to a special query it is for all queries related to a task if I want to resolve them by calling (schedqry.exe /policy=xxxxx) it will not work anymore.


                Is it possible that there is a relationship between Schedqry.exe and LDPGP.exe.

                When I check the faulty run of schedqry.exe with FILEMON, I saw that the tool is talking to LDPGP.exe (checking some Certificate (Landesk2004.crt) which is in LDMAIN folder) and after that it will stop.




                One additional Info: we start schedqry on a regular base from within the localsch.exe