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    Remote profile restore does not work.


      Hello all, I am trying what I think should be pretty simple, but it does not work no matter how I try this:


      We have been able to get profiles captured from any of our remote locations to their remote servers with no problem using the built-in profile capture function in LANDesk 8.8. Profiles on the same subnet as the LANDesk server have no problem being restored. If I try to restore a remote profile from either the remote server, or from the local server, I receive an MSI error, "Failed to install MSI package when restoring profile. See log for details". When I look at the log, I see this:


      ERROR: Failed to install C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ldProfileTempDir\[email protected]me.msi.  MSI error: 1603


      I have ensured that none of the folders are encrypted or substitute folders, that the System account has full access to both the folder containing the captured

      profile and the folder on the user's computer that the MSI tries to utilize (C:\Windows\Temp\ldProfileTempDir), but nothing works on the restore side. Has anyone

      else run into this, or is there anything you can think of that I might be overlooking?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.