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    Policy based delivery


      We are trying to provision the installation of some applications and we have an issue with some machines in that the policy does not start. I have pushed the provisioning task to 7 machines and 2 have come back saying delayed 'policy made available'.. They just sit at delayed and the task does not start.. Has anybody come across this issue before? I have tried running the policy updater to try and start the task off, rebooting playing with the registry but that did not work.. I have no idea why this is happening.. Any ideas?



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          Try reinstalling the agent? I've found that to fix a multitude of problems. But you may also have some sort of issue with the policy invoker. Check all of the log files that say "policy" in the title in the user side landesk folder.


          I've had problems with McAfee HIPS (maybe Virusscan Enterprise?) blocking the execution of the policy apps, since they have double file extensions. You may be running into similar issues.

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            Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

            Are you using a provisioning template, or is this just a policy based delivery of a distribution package? If you are using a provisioning template, what actions are in the template and in what sections? Are you just deploying software in the System Configuration section, or is there an OS installation section of the template? Also make sure that the properties of the provisioning script are set to the correct Boot environment (if applicable) and Target OS.

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              Hello, I am using a provisioning template and all of the actions (3 of them) are in the system configuration section. I have also got the correct boot environment selected.. This is working on 5 out of 7 machines..


              I am currently re-installing the client on one of the delayed machines to see if that helps.


              Thanks for the replys..

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                Does it always work on the same machines? Is it that specific machines don't work, or is it random? I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the template, or it wouldn't work on any machines.


                If there are specific machines that don't work, check to see if the LANDesk Management Agent service is installed and running on the target machine. Also check if you can browse to http://targetmachinename:9595, and http://targetmachinename:9595/allowed/ldping from the core server.