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    List of LDMS Public Variables


      Is there a list of public variables I can use in LDMS scripts?  Like the %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%, %CUSTJOBHOSTIP%, etc.? I'm just trying a very simple script to copy the invdelta.dat file to my location for review.  Script works fine but it's statis.  I need a variable for Device ID.  IP works, but if I could neaten it up a bit with host name and just to have them for future reference... Thanks!! [MACHINES_NT] REMCOPY0=C:\%CUSTJOBHOSTIP%.txt, %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\data\invdelta.dat, FROMREMOTE

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          zman Master

          For custom scripts any attribute in the database can be used. Format is

           %Computer - Device Name%

          This equates to the inventory attribute Computer.Device Name.  I don't think you want Device ID but if you did it would be:


           %Computer - Device ID%
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            I want to use %Computer - Device Name% to get the computer name set bij the assettag, but landesk 8.8 can't do anything with it. Is there another tool/method to read out the asset tag of a computer?

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Careful with asset tags - there's at least 3 different places where those darn things can hide on a device, and while we try and make it better in inventory, we're not always as successful with it as we'd like (which is all the time). Depending on WHERE the asset tag is stored on the client, it shows up.


              The other thing to look out for is that we cannot display something if it has multiple values. For instance - memory sticks are usually numbered (usuall 1 through 2 or 4) - this doesn't work for runtime resolution.


              Ideally, you do want to use things that are always there, and are always in the same place . Asset tags are not ideal for that count (regretably).


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead