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    Solaris 10: Agent



      we are going in production but we have a problem because the customer has many solaris 10 machine and we don't know how inventory they.


      Is there a solaris 10 Agent ?

      is it expected ?




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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          See the compatibility list here:



          For Solaris, the following (copied from the above link) applies:

          • Solaris 8 (Intel Architecture)
          • Solaris 8, 9 (Sun Sparc)


          Solaris 10 is not supported presently. You can try installing the agent and see if it works, but presently it's not supported. If you need support for it, please log an Enhancement Request with the specific business needs (Why? / What functionality is needed? / How many Solaris 10 clients?)


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

            The Enhancement Request is already in, but it is not an enhancement that appears cost effective and is not likely to happen. Right now we do not have a Solaris 10 agent and there are no intentions of creating one because we would need a lot of customers paying us for a lot of Solaris nodes to make it cost effective and we just don't have that.  We do not have a customer base with lots of Solaris nodes or even potential customers with a lot of solaris nodes.


            Often we get a customer who says they have 10,000 nodes and want the solaris agent, but when we really talk to them, 9,980+ devices are windows/mac and 20 or less Solaris 10 nodes. The cost is too great to develop an agent for a plartform such as Solaris for only 20 nodes. Even if we have 50 customers with 20 nodes, it is not cost effective cause that is only 1,000 nodes.  We need to have a few customers that have thousands of solaris nodes or thousands of customer that have a few nodes before we can afford to pay a development team to build an agent for a specific platform.


            So far we have about a dozen customer that each have an average of a dozen solaris nodes that have request a Solaris 10 agent be created.  


            I can add you to the Enhancement.  How many nodes do you have? What is your company name?

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              MarkB SupportEmployee

              Solaris 10 is supported with the release of LANDesk 9.0 SP3.

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                chyryh Apprentice



                Any idea where I can get a functionality matrix for what is supported by the 9.0 SP3 Solaris agent? e.g. inventory, vulscan, remediation, SWD, etc?





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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Solaris 10 (64-bit only, remember) things to keep in mind:


                  1 - *IMPORTANT* - You *must* have Solaris 10 update 8 or newer (update 7 and below will cause a variety of problems. Patch-level wise, make sure you're on at least that level, as this is what we've tested and validated against - and that works fine). I've had the "joy" of trying to figure out what was going on to cause a multitude of problems 'til we figured out that an update didn't go down properly ... once it was down, all worked well.


                  2 - Functionality that exists for Solaris 10:


                  * Inventory Scanning

                  * Vulnerability detection (i.e. - *SCANNING* for patches), but no remediation (as usual for the *-ix world, our feedback from customers / admins in general is that the *-ix people prefer to do their own patching), along with custom vulnerabilities of course.

                  * There is now direct SWD element (you can run scripts, but there's no SDCLIENT / peer-download functionality available).

                  * You can still do remote execution (I.e. "Tell CBA8 to run these commands" / run inventory, etc.)




                  Remember to check the community article that tells you how to install the relevant agents. It boils down to this (for the 64-bit client / a.k.a. "the MAP agent"), for your convenience:


                  1 - Map a drive to the Core. (Or open a browser, if you prefer)


                  2 - Copy down the following:

                  - (CERT-HASH).0  ==> (from LDLOGON)

                  - (AGENT-CONFIG).sh ==> (from LDLOGON)

                  - baseclient64.tar.gz ==> (from LDLOGON/unix/OS_TYPE/)

                  - vulscan64.tar.gz ==> (from LDLOGON/unix/OS_TYPE/)


                  3 - Run:


                  chmod +x (AGENTCONFIG).sh



                  4 - Run:









                  Does that address your question(s), Chyr?


                  - Paul Hoffmann

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                    chyryh Apprentice



                    Yes, that answers my question. Thanks for the information.