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    Alternative email addresses


      We are currently considering turning on the Inbound mail service to create new calls within Service Desk.


      All our end users have a company email address which has been imported into ITBM from Active Directory, however as we deal mainly with students, a large percentage of them also have their own personal email addresses which are not currently associated with their details held in ITBM.


      We have these on another system and plan on importing them into a new field on the User record.


      Once these are imported if an email is received from a valid ITBM end user from either their company or personal email address, will a call be logged using that persons correct details?

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          LegoGuy SupportEmployee

          The only field that it can track against is the default email address field.  So if you create a second field and import this non school email address into the second field, service desk won't track it.  I don't think there is a way around this design.

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            I have been able to use an alternative email address field on an incident to send email to a different email account than that of record for a user.

            you have to set up the CC recipient functionality (see admin manual). After CC is set up, I placed an auto action in my process, right after the starting status, using the cc recip action.  I then use a calculation to fill in the field where the alt email field from the incident is the email field on the cc window.

            import System

            static def GetAttributeValue(_IncidentCCRecipient):

            Value = _IncidentCCRecipient.Process._AltEmail

            return Value


            This will send email to the address on record and the alternate field I have on the window.

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              dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

              You have been able to have multiple email address for a user for a while now.  The email addresses set for a user are all used to recognise that user and you can also configure sending a reply back to all their email addresses.  I think this kicked in with 7.4

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                That's true, but if you want to use an address that is not in the user record, this is the only way I have found to do it without just using the cc function and filling that out.  By setting it up to read a field on the incident window and make it a cc, saves some time, but I do like what they did with multiple addresses.

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                  How do you use multiple e-mail addresses for a user? We went to 7.5 yesterday and I can still only add one e-mail address in. I must be missing something.


                  Many Thanks,


                  Anthony Mitchell

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                    dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

                    In window manager you should see an extra email address added to the suer record and a boolean called Send to All mail Address. Add those to the end user window and you should be good to go.  The detail was in the 7.4 whats new guide and it spells out how to add extra addresses too.  It must be i nthe 7.5 docs somewhere!