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    Discovering machine type no longer work

    Cedric FRANCOIS Apprentice



      It seems that since i update in LDMS8.8SP2a the discovering machine type section of WinPE OSD script doesn't work anymore ...


      Here is the OSD report :


      OK,02/02/2009 16:01:18,0:00:06,drvmap.exe DOMAIN\Administrateur XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX S: \\CORE\ldlogon, STATUS FACILITY=3513
      OK,02/02/2009 16:01:24,0:00:05,S:\ldiscn32.exe /L /NOUI /F- /SYNC /NO16
      OK,02/02/2009 16:01:30,0:02:00,SLEEP
      OK,02/02/2009 16:03:30,0:00:01,cmd /c xcopy "I:\drivers\%Computer - System - Model%" c:\drivers /E /S /I


      I have tryed to put sleep to 120 seconds but nothing change. the Model isn't retrieve by ldiscn32.exe


      It seems that i get the same problem on all my machine (actually i test with 3 different model) but only with the new one. That is to say that if a computer as already an full inventory in DB the model is well retrieved..


      Any idea ? Which other test can i do ?

      I have verified that the inventory server is well working ...


      I try to manually make the ldiscn32 but it seems it miss the coreserver ...


      Is the ldiscn32.exe file version change ?