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    How do I remove old Symantec antivirus software?


      LDMS 8.7 sp6


      I found on Symantec's forum I believe it was, a response about removing the old software first.  ( Old being v8.x & 10.x.  I want to install v11.0. )  The question was, was it necessary.  The response was no, it wasn't.  Well, when *I* tried it, it didn't work.  I gave LD two shots at it, then I did it manually.  I got a message about removing old legacy sw before installing the new.  So...


      I copied a distribution package that appears to have come with LD.  It was for Adobe.  I made the necessary changes.  I tried it on the same machine I used above.  ( Before removing the old sw manually, of course. )  Didn't work.  I have a copy of the log file, complete with error codes.  But NOW what do I do?


      Does anyone have a pkg working that removes Symantec's old 'Antivirus' sw?  Might I impose upon you to share what you know?


      Thanks in advance,