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    Landesk A/V


      we just recently included the AV part into our existing landesk.  I'm looking for a best practices article, and basic use and setup.  Can someone point me in the right directions.



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          LANDave SupportEmployee



          I am the Product Engineer at LANDesk over Antivirus.


          I am currently in the process of making a Best Practices document.


          The help file contains great information about setting up LANDesk Antivirus, and if you call support we will be happy to walk you through configuring it.


          I would also recommend the following Community articles regarding AV for the time being:



          How to send LANDesk an infected or suspicious file



          Best Practice for using LANDesk AV on Slow Network Links



          False Positives and LANDesk Antivirus


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            Thanks for the help, i got the av installed on a test machine but i have a few issues, real time protection isn't enabled, and i'm unable to manually update the def.

            Also i get a pop up error shortly after reboot,


            "Unable to load the antivirus scan engine, Error - 2147220899 (0x8004025d)"


            any short fixes for this?



            also any info to uninstall the client would help too.


            Update:  followed instructions i felt to be related on this post





            but updating the virus defs gets an error which i think may be causing my overall problems.


            "updatevirusdefs.exe retruned error - 2135228411".  Any idea's?


            Thanks again.

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              LANDave SupportEmployee

              So as to not leave anyone in suspense, I contacted Shawn and he was running LANDesk 8.7 SP3.


              When UpdateVirusDefinitions.exe (part of the Pattern Update Process) the UpdateVirusDefinitions.exe showed that AV.KEY was not found.


              This is the Antivirus license file.


              I sent him an updated version of the license file and all was well.

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                kobsh_gigaone SupportEmployee

                If you are using LDMS 8.7 SP3, call the technical support and ask for the patch AV-11281787.3-2.

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                  Here are some easy tools for AV that you can type at the RUN prompt:


                  Vulscan /InstallAV /ShowUI      ...will install the antivirus on the target PC (and show status)


                  Vulscan /RemoveAV                ...will uninstall AV on the target PC


                  Vulscan /RemoveOldAV           ...will uninstall old (non-LANDesk) antivirus packages like Norton and McAfee


                  In some cases you might have to completely remove LANDesk and re-install in order to get LDAV running correctly... always make sure you are logged in as local
                  admin or with enough permissions... make sure nothin' else is running... run LANDesk uninstaller and then re-install with the AV... should fix 99.9% of bad installs.


                  Very very very rarely we find a machine that can't run LDAV... we re-image that box 100% of  the time.


                  Good Luck