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    Video of Lenovo vPro with LANDesk


      This is a demo video that Kimber Barton created.  I have added "notepad" descriptions of each step.  The only modification to the default demo system was adding RC to the WinPE boot (refer to the LANDesk Community article to acomplish this).


      Please send me your ideas and suggestions.  DaveZ, you are not allowed......grin.

      John Wyckoff

      LANDesk SE

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          Good stuff. I would not worry about me just Brett. Kimber will have to pay royalties to Brett for any LANDesk VPro videos


          One thing I would do is make this an article so it won't get lost in the discussions, and maybe a link to the community posts on integrating RC in Winpe 8.8. I just wish HP had all those cool hooks with LANDesk.