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    issuser & Gateway Appliance

    scots Apprentice

      We just started using the Gateway Appliance.  We're aware that if a PC that we're trying to remote control already has the LANDesk Client on it, we have to have the user go into Task Manager and stop the issuser.exe process or the remote control session via the Appliance won't work.  We've discovered that this process can only be stopped by the user if they are an administrator.  Regular users are unable to stop this process.  Most of our users are not administrators, so they are unable to stop this process and we can't use the Appliance to remote control them.  Is there some way that a regular user can stop this process, or some way around this?

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          Not sure why you need to kill issuser if the client is installed. If the machine is configured for gateway use, just double click on the RC system tray Icon and select switch mode.  That will place them in gateway mode so you can RC them.

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            Truffles SupportEmployee

            Zman is correct. The only addition that I wanted to make is that when switching to "Gateway Mode" Remote Control will look to the .0 (public key) on the client for Gateway information. I know you said that you just started using the appliance and when initially configuring Gateway information the .0 file on the core gets appended with Gateway IP and Name. All agents that were distributed before the Gateway was put in use will not have this information as part of the .0 file and therefore may not have the Switch button available. Simply distributing a new .0 file or a new agent will correct the problem and allow a client to connect to the Gateway. If you distribute a new .0 file make sure that the Remote Control Serivce on the client is restarted. Managing a client, such as inventory, vulscan, etc will require Brokerconfig.




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              scots Apprentice

              The machines in question are not configured for gateway use.

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                and for bouns points, how about being able to know which machines already have the gateway capability?


                ldms_client's LANDesk Client Info adds "Computer"."LANDesk Management"."Broker Configuration Mode" to your inventory. The remote control component configuration is already gathered by default and stored at "Computer"."LANDesk Management"."Remote Control"."Type".

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                  Truffles SupportEmployee

                  In order for machines to be configured for Gateway Use they will need brokerconfig to be executed and certificates issued from the core server. However, Remote Control is separate from this. All Remote Control needs to work and post to a Gateway is the information that I mentioned earlier in the public .0 certificate on the client.




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                    With some help I have a custom script that provides "workaround" for this very issue.  However it will technically void your support with the appliance.  If you are OK with this let me know and I'll be happy to share.



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                      Many good suggestions here. I think I while ago I wrote a script that we sent to the users (emailed since they were OOB)  that used sdclient to stop the RC service. If interested let me know.

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                        phoffmann SupportEmployee

                        Out of my own interest (because this did raise an eyebrow) - what does this script do that "may" void the warranty with the appliance?


                        I'm trying to come up with ways that you can do something client-side which "could/should" affect the appliance negatively, but can't ... so hopefully this is just a bit of caution on your side (which is never bad).


                        In any case - very good stuff in this discussion - this is exactly what the community was intended for .


                        Paul Hoffmann

                        LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                          scots Apprentice

                          Updating our own machines to use the Gateway shouldn't be a problem, I guess.  One problem is that we deal with several outside agencies, so can't update their agent for our Gateway if they're using LANDesk also.


                          In the past when I would call LANDesk Support and they would take remote control of my machine through their Gateway, I used to have to stop the issuser process on my machine before it would work.  I never had a problem doing it because I'm an administrator on my machine.  Several months ago I noticed that the Gateway for LANDesk Support had changed.  The interface actually looked different and I no longer had to stop issuser on my machine for them to be able to connect to me.


                          I contacted our regional SE and asked him why the Gateway for LANDesk Support was different from our Gateway.  He asked around and found that one of the support engineers at LANDesk had made a modification to their Gateway so that the customers no longer had to kill issuser when Support wanted to connect to them.  I told our SE that it would be awesome if our Gateway could do this because a lot of the people we deal with are totally clueless when it comes to computers (technically challenged as I like to call them), and talking them through something like killing the issuser process can be a major task.  Just to give you an idea of some of the people we deal with...  One time I asked someone to reboot their computer.  They powered off their monitor and powered it back on, and said "ok, it's rebooted."  I thought that was an awful quick reboot, and it took me a while to figure out what they had done.  So anyway...our SE forwarded my comments along to support and they've supposedly put this in as an enhancement request.  I was told that they were going to push to get this update into the current Appliance as soon as they can, but I have no clue how fast "soon" will be.  This was back in November when I was told this.

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                            Truffles SupportEmployee



                            I am very familiar with the remote control change that you are referring to and I'll update you (and others) on it's current progress. The support engineer who made the change has developed the change to the point where it should be just a "drop-in" to current appliances in use. This isn't an official project but it has a lot of companies and people pushing for the change. I don't have an exact estimate on when it will happen but if I had to guess I don't think it would be longer than a few weeks depending on snags with red tape. Once in place I believe it will be a simple patch that can be downloaded to Appliance and VMWare Editions of the Management Gateway.




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                              scots Apprentice

                              That's awesome!  Thanks for the update on this!