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    Multiple Subnet Distribution


      If I choose source download as an option in my delivery method, but have already made sure one machine on a subnet has the distribution package in cache, will the rest of the machines on the subnet still try to download the package from the core?  Is there somewhere in a log file we could verify exactly where machines are pulling from?


      I was told that even without choosing multicast or having preferred servers setup, which is our present situation, that machines should always look for the package in the following order


      1) from local cache

      2) from a peer on same subnet

      3) from the core


      Or maybe is there Is there a "best practice", to setting up a delivery method to ensure this happens this way?



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          If you use run from source those options do not apply.  If you add additional files to a run from source job it will download the files.  It is not recomended to add additional files to a run from source job.


          You want to do a download from source to get those options.