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    IP address updates


      Some of my assests do not automatically update with a new IP address when they have been off the network past their IP address lease expiry time. When this happens the device appears to be online but when you connect to it the following message appears:


      The IP address of the computer you are attempting to control does not match the IP name on your network.  Do you want to continue? Yes or No.  If you click Yes this will connect to adifferent machine.


      Is there a way to control this?



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          ahe Expert

          Hello Adrian


          this is a problem of every Desktop Management System...


          You can change the settings in your agent configuration, to scan automatic after every IP-address change, Logon, etc.


          You can change the inventory scan period to every day on the core (Configure - Services - Inventory -Software - Frequency for scanning software), but this period works for software only...




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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            If this is a big issue for you then perhaps consider using the management gateway so that the devices can report via an internet connection.  Otherwise you could take a look at ldms_core on the dropped pacets site http://www.droppedpackets.org as I think that has a feature now to handle old addresses.


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              bcasler Apprentice

              I have submitted on this issue previously (and consistently)


              it is my belief that when a machine ties to put an IP in the database from scan or mini scan that if another machine has it that IP a check should  be done and only one machine have that IP and the other has some place holder and force a scan to redo the IP once it comes back up

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                bcasler, did you start and ER for that?


                You can also change the Agent status options in your console to use DNS instead of IP or both.

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                  bcasler Apprentice

                  Not sure what an ER is but i put it in the hat for votes (not sure where that is or its status)


                  I know about the DNS but i am concerned about other communications using the IP other than console

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                    Enhancement Request

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                      bcasler Apprentice

                      I thought i did

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                        If you have put scheduled inventory scan task in agent configuration, the off-line machine will automatically run inventory scan when it comes back on line. Then the IP address in the latest inventory scan data will be the IP address this machine uses to communicate with core server to deliver inventory scan data.







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                          Is there any update or solution on how to resolve expired Ip addresses ?

                          By the way I am using LDMS 9.0 SP2.

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                            We have created a startup logon task to run miniscan.exe. This will report back to the Server when the PC has a new IP address.


                            This is something that caused us quite a bit of problems as we have a system that changes IP address regularly.


                            Hope this helps.


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                              Hi gporiitt,


                              Appreciate if you could guide me on how to do that. what would be the result? does it omit the PC belongs to old IP in the device group?




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                                Hi Hafiz


                                We use a program called appsense to control our startup scripts so the way we did it will be different to you. That said you should be able to add a startup script in Group Policy. Instructions to do this are here:




                                All you need to is set a task to run c:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\MINISCAN.EXE on start up and it will update the IP address in the LANDesk database. PC's will appear wherever they where before.


                                Hope this helps.


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                                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                                  Are we missing the point here guys?


                                  The standard agent configuration has a local scheduled task that will kick off when the IP changes so that it sends an inventory scan. Also, if you want this changed for mobile devices you could also attach a hardware scan to a locally scheduled task to send on an ip address change.


                                  HOWEVER, I read the issue being that a machine that USED to have a particular IP is showing as online because when clicked the agent on the machine that NOW has the IP is responding.


                                  So, based on this, is the real question 'How do we get rid of ip addresses for machines that are no longer online so that we do not have more than one machine in the database showing with the same IP address?'.


                                  LANDesk has become pretty good at making sure we now the address when it changes, but it does nothing to expire the inventory attribute when the IP no longer belongs to that machine.


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                                    bcasler Apprentice

                                    What needs to happen is when a new machine registers an IP address  (scan or minisacn) in the LANDesk database is explored for matches in the database, if it is a dup IP an attempt to reconcile the diff is made by trying to contact the one that currently has the IP if it can be contacted at that IP (kick off a minisacn?) then an issue is noted for an operator to see that both machines are up and have same IP, if not then the old ip is changed to a “place holder” and the new machine gets the IP



                                    The IP for VPN clients should be the tunnel IP not the local PC IP

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