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    Adding drivers to Linux PXE


      I am having some difficulties adding drivers to the ldlinux.img. I have followed the instructions posted at:





      The problem I am having (I believe) is that although I have copied the driver file (e1000e.ko) to the ldlinux/linux/modules/ directory, when the client PXE boots I get an error that the "e1000e driver could not be loaded" and "Missing kernel or user mode driver".


      I believe this is because it doesn't know which driver to load and that this can be remedied by modifying the modules.dep, modules.alias and modules.pcimap files. Unfortunately, I cannot find any information on exactly what needs to be modified in those files. I imagine that I am missing a step when inserting the drivers into the image.


      Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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          So, from what I have found thus far there are 2 options. First, create your own linux distro for use with LDMS or compile the necessary drivers using an existing distro with the same kernel ( I think I am going to try option #2, seems less daunting.


          Any tips, tricks or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

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            Hmmm.... over 200 views and not a peep? Hopefully that means there are 199 other people with the same problem and that LanDesk is working feverishly on it.

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              Well, after waiting for v9 for what seemed like ages I have finally upgraded and.... I still don't see a way to easily add NIC drivers to the Linux PE.

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                To add drivers to Linux requires recompiling the kernel itself.  Linux doesn't really have the concept of "drivers" to begin with.  Everything is compiled into the kernel.  Because of that it would be impossible to simply have an "add driver" option.


                Is there a reason WinPE won't work for you?

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                  No reason WinPE doesn't work, just that if LinuxPE is an option, it should be useful. This really was related to version 8 and a problem with the size of WinPE which was later resolved.


                  As for Linux not having drivers, it most certainly does have drivers, just not in the same manner as Windows. And you need not re-compile to add drivers, you need only use loadable modules which are available in most newer kernel builds.


                  The primary issue I was having with the old version of LDMS was that the kernel being used was too old and too odd of a version to even recompile with the drivers I needed. I don't know if the kernel version was updated in LDMS 9 or not.


                  Anyways, this isn't so much of an issue as a complaint (now), but thanks for responding.