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    Agent deploy on Mac OS X


      Hi all,


      i would like to deplay an agent on from my Magamnet Suite to OS.X 10.5.


      Wich are the best ways to do this?


      thanks an all

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          i found out it is not really possible so i have to do it manually.

          Now i downloaded the mac ldmsclient and installed it, bt i don't see the client in the Managment Suite, i added the device manually but i have a red symbol for not conected.


          Can somendy help me please?

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            Description Scheduling the LANDesk agent to deploy to Macintosh computers fails.
            Cause LDMS cannot push the agent to Macintosh devices. The client has to be installed directly on the device.

            Resolution The LDMS Mac Client cannot be deployed remotely. The client must be manually installed on the device using the following steps.

            1. Go to the following URL - [http://core server name or IP]/ldlogon/Mac/LDMSClient.pkg.zip (or LANDesk_Classic_client.sit for an OS 9 machines)

            2. Download the file onto a target device (if you use Safari, it will extract and execute the install automatically and you can skip step 4)

            3. The file will be decompressed and the installer will start. (All LANDesk files will be installed in Library/Application Support/LANDesk)

            4. Use the installer to install the client.

            5. Open System Preferences | LANDesk Agent to configure the client.


            >>LANDesk Inventory Scan and set „your Server name here" with Core IP

            >>Force Software Scan and Execute

            Note: Once an agent is installed on a Mac all new agents can be pushed to the Macs just like Windows.


            Hope this helps


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              If what Troga suggested doesn't work for you check to see what version of the Mac Agent you installed on your Leopard box. Leopard isn't supported with agent I would recommend applying the latest Mac rollup patch to your core and reinstalling the agent. The latest rollup (currently 01-09) will put your Mac agent to version You can find it here Macintosh Post 8.8 SP2 Agent Refresh (

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                I have found that after installing the agent, I have to run an inventory scan from the client computer in order for the computer to show up in inventory. You may need to set an exception in the client computers firewall, if you have it turned on.

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                  The LDMSClient.pkg.zip file is an unconfigured agent. Modify Default Mac Configuration in the console and then use that .pkg.zip in order to have your server name, preferred schedule, &c set up for you.


                  The installation should kick off an inventory scan, but all but the most recent Mac scanners are rather slow on their first scan. Look in /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/LANDesk.log to see how things are going, or use activity monitor to watch for a process called ldscan.

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                    Thx you all,


                    now its running. :-)


                    But i cant connect remotly on the mac, there isnt a remotecontrol symbol in the Magment suite on the device.

                    Whatr can it be?


                    and on the client side in the agent settings the status of remote ist holding. How can i change it to runnung?

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                      my first guess is always firewall. to test, try disabling the mac's firewall temporarily or rebooting to make the changes made by the installer script take effect.

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                        i have no firewall under sharing

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                          one of two things:


                          1. the service hasn't started properly... try sending it the attached managed script.
                          2. I suspect that when you send it the script, it'll say permission denied or can't reach agent or some such... because I suspect that you used the "bare bones" package recommended above instead of doing your own agent config... and therefore the agent you've sent doesn't have the certificate in it telling it to trust your core. In which case, you should re-pull the right agent.
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                            To check the status of the firewall in OSX 10.5, go to System Preferences/Security and click on the firewall tab. Click the first option to turn off the firewall. "Allow all incoming connections"

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                              Now im try to install the new agent but i have first to install the sp2, where can i download the sp2 for ldsm?


                              the Firewal was allready down


                              How i can sent the script?

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                                Jason SupportEmployee

                                You can find 8.8 sp2a here



                                Then as Snowman stated try the latest Mac agent.  As  Leopard isn't supported and does not correctly function with MAC agent version installed on it.

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                                  Thx to all will now install the sp2 and try it with new agent again.

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                                    Hi all,


                                    now i installed sp2 and new mac agent update und i confurated my own agent and saved it. I installe dthis agent on mac.


                                    But i have still no remote access to the mac.


                                    On the mac in the agentmenu in the overview tab the remoteservice is still on hold.


                                    What can it be?

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