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    'Inventory Scan' on Console is disabled



      we are installing some Agent on customer machine but for some installation we see disabled the 'Inventory Scan' option on server Console (All devices --> rigth click on device --> Inventory Scan).


      We have installed these Agents


      HP-UX 11.11   ----->  line disabled

      SOLARIS 9     ----->  line disabled

      WIN2003 ser   ----->  line enabled

      WIN2000 ser   ----->  line disabled


      Sometimes if we do a refresh we see the line enabled but just after we see the line disabled.

      When, with refresh and 'inventory scan' enabled, we do an inventory scan we have these error:


      HP-UX 11.11   -----> the remote system refused the network connection

      SOLARIS 9     -----> CBA 8, unable to contact the remote Agent

      WIN2000 ser   -----> Not specified - but if we see the inventory, we see the 'Last Updated by inventory server'  date that is not changed


      For all these 3 machines, if we do rigth click on device --> properties --> Agents tab

      we see that the 'Common Base Agent status' is 'Not loaded'.


      Could you be so kind to help us to resolve these problems ?


      Thanks for your support.