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    Stopping image filling the entire drive - provisioning


      Hi I am using provisioning with no problems at all however i am now using diskpart to partition the disk based on size - with a vbscript.


      This works great as i can break into the sequence and run diskpart and see that my drive is partitioned to 50% which is what the test script should do and then when i deploy my image it resizes this partition and fills the entire disk.


      Now i know this is a default in Landesk and in the OSD side of things you can rem this out of the script but how would you do this if your using imagew.exe and provisioning?


      I can see no where in the command line options for imagew.where you can stop it filling the disk. You can back up a certain partition but you cannot specify to restore to one. As far as i can see it restores to the main parimary partition and then resizes it. For example before deploy diskpart indicates 1 partition at 6GB after i deply the image it is now 12GB and no partitions.


      is this a limitation with imagew.exe ? this is for out XP images i will use WIM for Vista.


      Any help appreciated



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          OK I am now using imagex for XP images as i thought it was a limitation of imagew..


          But it must be something i am missing as when i deploy my image using the following command


          imagex.exe /apply %imagepath% 1 c:


          Even though i have ensured the disk is partitioned before the image deploys it still fills the entire drive, from what i can see its down to the 'default' setting in landesk and you could rem this out in the osd script but this is provisioning so how do i stop this filling the drive and ignoring \ overwriting the exisiting partitions.



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            The imagew tool from LANDesk is a sector-based imaging solution.  As such, it captures the entire specified partition and then deploys that same partion, sector by sector, to the taret hard drive.  Therefore, if your target image that was captured was on a 12GB partition. Imagew will deploy all 12GB to the target hard drive.  The /O switch, which specifies to overwrite without prompt, will force the image onto the hard drive regardless of what may already be there.  My suspicion, is that your source image is 12GB and that is why it is showing as 12GB when deployed. In OSD the diskinfo.exe application is used to fully extend the image to take up all available space on the hard drive.  There is not a process tied to this in provisioning.  My question, is does the deployed image stay at 12GB, or does it take up all drive space?  How large are the drives that you are deploying to?



            With ImageX, I found the following information from TechNet:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc749447.aspx


            You must create all hard disk partitions before beginning this process, unless you run this option by using a script. If you use the /apply option for a directory structure, the option will include the specified directory, including all subdirectories and files.


               Important    Important
            You must include the parent directory for the    /apply option. Otherwise, when the image is applied, it will overwrite everything in that location. For example, if you apply the image to drive C, the    /apply option overwrites everything that exists in drive C with your image files.  To automate the creation of a directory, you must add the    mkdir    target_directory command to your script before executing    imagex /apply.


            If I understand this correctly, unless you are specifying a directory for the target image, the /apply switch will just blast the image down to the specified drive.  In referencing a directory, you could use a create directory action to make a directory on the target drive before imaging with ImageX.


            Hope this helps.

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              Thanks for the reply. I actually figured out what was going wrong and it was the simple fact that i had not created the second partition.


              I added extra commands to do this in the diskpart script and the space was available. The space was always there but as i could not see it in disk manager ( because the second partittion was not created ) i assumed incorrectly the image filled the drive. But it filled the first partition which is what we would expect.


              My mistake was assuning the free space after the first partition would be visible by the OS, of course it wouldn;t be till it was created. I was thnking i could create the partition after in the OS. of course third party disk magic tools would have done the job.


              Its the long hours getting my HII XP and Vista image to work that made me miss that simple oversight!


              Thanks for responding