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    HP Teamed NICs Not Showing DNS

    egarlepp Employee

      Has anybody seen this with the LANDesk agents, where they do not show the DNS information for systems with Teamed HP NICS.  We have well over a 1000 servers not showing any DNS info.  The odd thing is that they will show WINS , IP, Subnet, Gateway, etc... but not DNS.  It does show the correct number of physical NICS in the inventory but under bound sometimes you will see all the NICS and sometimes you will see just one.  The NICs are set up in a Fault tolerant mode, where one is live and the other is in a passive state awaiting failure.  There are some where it is a true team and they are both live and the same issue occurs.


      We are running 8.8 SP2a.  They are all servers, running all flavors of W2003.  Some of the servers are running 8.7 SP5 and some 8.8 SP2a


      Any help is much appreciated.