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    Cannot launch Patch scan from console

    bnelson Employee

      We are having an issue with our macs being able to run the patch scans. We can remote control the macs and launch inventory scanns locally, but when we try to launch a patch scan from the console nothing happens. My test mac is running OSX 10.4, the firewall is turned off completely, and we are running 8.8 SP 2. Any help would be appreciated.

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          Does the LANDesk.log show that it recieved the command to run ldpatch?


          You can open the log by clicking the log picture in the top right of the LANDesk Agent.app or go to /Library/Application Support/LANDesk

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            bnelson Employee

            No, the log file doesn't show any commands being received. It's wierd because I can remote control them, but not send patches to them.

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              Jason SupportEmployee

              Does patch scan run from the client? or does it error out? check the mac log for ldpatch entires.


              What version of MAC agent are you running 8.80.0.?

              Is it all MAC agents or just this one.

              After the agent was installed has this machine been rebooted?

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                We're having the same issue with all our macs ; running LANDesk 8.8 SP2 and Agent which was a known good configuraiton in December.


                The clients are all 10.5.6 back to 10.4.11 and I'd suspected a problem right around the time the Office2008-1215Update.EN.dmg patch was released (12/8/2008)


                Haven't tested locally but starting a patch scan from the console results in 100% failure (some timing out; others stuck in "launched with no status").




                I've got a few previous versions of agents so it's not likely tied to the agrent refreshes (as they were known good before) and suspect something in the scanning process has changed and blown up (hence the scan and patching failure.)


                I've actually pulled all patches out the Scan routine until this can be sorted out. I'm pretty confident that Patch Manager has also stopped deploying Patches to the Macs (as Office2008-1215Update.EN.dmg was set to autofix and hasn't remediated anyone; neither has the new LD-88-Mac-Rollup-01-09 Patch released 2/2/2009)


                no logging on the Core to support this yet but I have gotten events about expanding a table for Application Data (don't know if it's related) recently. Will check out clients tomorrow.




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                  Update - I pulled out a known good client that hasn't been online since Dec. 1st (to verify if the agents had changed) and found that security scans are actually kicking off from the console but their final (successful) status is not being recieved / processed by the core server.


                  Also found that scheduled tasks to repair patches are failing (but showing "Sucessful" which is dangerous.) with the following result: :

                  "A JOIN or SUBST Command cannot be used for a drive that contains previously joined drives." .Also got a couple of results that were "incorrect functions"


                  I've verified that both patches involved work offline and regular software deployment tasks and scripts are still working.


                  I'm going to be calling into technical support in the morning; let me know if you all find out what's going on.

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                    Jack sent over your log. When you call into support can you ask the tech to come and get me. I cannot duplicate the issue(s) being described and I need some more information. Not being able to deploy patches can turn into a security issue and I want to try and help get this resolved for you.

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                      With regard to this thread, for us it was resolved when we determined that patch scans were kicking off at the client and the core server was being updated with their results.


                      There is some limitation in LD8.8 that the Status of Patch scan status window isn't updated and it's a known issue. So verify the above data points to make sure your system is working and just disregard the status window of these tasks as that window appears only in very limited circumstances ( when your using the main console at the core server)


                      For all the other stuff listed, those were related to our environment and resolved.

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                        If none of the information above helps you with the problem you are seeing you might want to contact support for a speedier resolution.