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    Search results return Excluded Words


      Accordiceng to the Knowledgebase documentation, you can create a list of words that you do not want indexed (such as "the", "a", "an", etc) and will not be included in search results.    You put the list (called style.stp) into the <verity directory>\data\colls\tps_coll_master\style folder and rebuild.    However, we did this and we are still getting results where the excluded words are being returned as highlighted (for example, a phrase "the Blackboard Gradebook" shows results with "the" highlighted)   When a search is done in the Verity Dashboard, there are no results showing "the" highlighted for the same search phrase.    How does Servicedesk application determine what words to highlight?   Also, what is the formula that is used in Servicedesk to determine the Relevance score?index