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    Software, hardware change, and new discovered unmanaged devices




      I have Landesk Management Suite .8.8 SP2


      I need to make a daily report that will contain

      1. unmanaged devices discovered in last 24 hours

      2. software changes on managed computers

      3. hardware changes on managed computers - without USB and other removable devices.


      I did it troough a custom Perl script that querys SQL database, but I would like it done trough LanDesk reporter.


      Any suggestions on how to make a query?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          These things aren't accessible to the LANDesk reporting engine and LANDesk has very little history capability.


          You could try doing this by directly accessing the appropriate tables in the database (for unmanaged device discovery) and you can part of this if you mark items to be monitored for change via Inventory History.  Neither are reportable normally though.


          NetworkD have a tool called iRecall that does a lot of what you want plus quite a few things more.  Might be worth a look if you need this type of information.


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