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    Patch shown in Missing and Installed Updates


      I'm trying to base a query off of a patch reporting that it has been installed or not.  And in this particular instance it's showing that SP2a is both installed and not installed.  Anyone have any ideas what would cause this, and what to do to fix it (aside from reinstalling).


      Actually mentioning that how would I even reinstall it based of a query?  It's a false positive as it seems.


      Any help would be great.





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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I think your patch data must've gotten out of synch somehow.


          Script/Schedule the client to Run:


          vulscan /clear

          vulscan /reset



          This will reset the complete patch information on the Client as well as in the Database. Then, just schedule a "normal" vulscan ... it's the equivalent of forcing inventory run in a "/SYNC" mode, if you are familiar with that one.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead