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    Deploy OS X


      Hi all,


      im surching for a bestpractise or hoeto for OS X deploying, i dont find anything here. Can somebody help me?


      thnaks in advance

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          I think the best idea is to download the PDF document at the following post. This is now at v2.0 and contains a good detail of information:




          Best Regards

          Blair Kingsley




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            LANDesk's method of Mac OS deloyment is by tapping into Apple's existing NetInstall technology which IMHO is not the best option for OS deployment (with or without LANDesk). I would suggest taking a look at Deploy Studio at http://deploystudio.com. This tool allows you to build a workflow made up of tasks which can include partitioning, imaging, package installation, running scripts, dual or tripple boot. It can be compared to LANDesks provisioning, but much easier to setup initially.


            Picture 3.png


            In the attached screenshot, it basically shows various workflows we have setup, each are using the same base image (created with InstaDMG) with any department specific apps, as well as the appropriate landesk agent for each support area.

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              egarlepp Employee

              Nice find.... and its free...  Maybe LANDesk will invest in them and make it part of LANDesk.  ;-)

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                Hi all,


                thanks for answering.


                as  i understand i need a Xserve to do this. There is no way to make it run without xserver only with ldms?

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                  If you're referring to the LANDesk instructions an Xserve specifically is not required, just a Mac with OS X Server because the Macs need to netboot from something (Mac equivelent of PXE). LANDesk itself does not do Mac imaging.


                  If you're referring to Deploy Studio, it also requires a Mac server if you want to use netboot. However, you can use Deploy Studio with external HD's and by designating a Mac as the repository (whichs stores the images, packages, scripts, etc). This repository does not need to be a Mac server but if it's the client OS, it would be limited to 10 simultanious AFP connections.

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                    Hi all,


                    my next question :-)


                    which possibilities exist to start os x remotly like windows?


                    I think it woks only with OS X Server.



                    thanks in advance

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                      no one here who knows it?

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                        Only the Xserve can be started remotely, they have LOM (lights out management). You can however, use WOL to wake a Mac remotely but it would require the Mac to be on the same subnet. You would need to have this set ahead of time in the Energy Saver pref pane as shown below. If you don't have this set already, you can push out a script with the following command: pmset -a womp 1


                        Picture 1.png

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                          Hey Patrick,


                          thanks for your tip but it ´don't want to work.

                          I type pmset -a womp 1 directly on the target mac after that i shut down the mac and try to restart them from ldms in the same subnte.

                          Always recive status failed.


                          :-( what can it be?



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                            As I said, you can't "start" a Mac remotely. This command will allow you to "wake" the Mac if it's sleeping.

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                              oh sorry, i overlook it :-)