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    Change PXE Representative


      Hi all,


      i would like to change my PXE Representative, is it possible. If yes, how i have to do it?


      thanks in advance

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          Just for clarification,


          Do you mean you want to re-deploy the PXE services to an alternative device? | Do you mean you want to make changes (I.e. Add/Remove menu items) to the existing PXE rep device?


          If you want to deploy to a new device the easiest way is to use the 'PXE Representative Deployment' script which you'll find in the scripts section of the OSD deployment tool. There is also a removal script to clean up the old PXE rep. If you want to remove some of the standard items I.e. Linux boot option from your PXE Boot Menu you can edit the registry of the PXE Rep.



          Blair Kingsley