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    Failed to install package - Batch Distribution


      Problem description:

      If in a batch job a program is executed and not closed (e.g. Notepad) then the following batch jobs have all the same error "Failed to install package".
      It doesn´t matter how notepad is executed (e.g. start notepad.exe or cmd /c notepad.exe or startasuser notepad.exe or whatelse).
      We´ve found out that the file "SDCLIENT_BAT.TXT" is involved which is located in "c:\program files\LANDesk\ldclient\data\".
      Every batch job uses the "SDCLIENT_BAT.TXT" (it´s contents is the output of the batch job).
      If "SDCLIENT_BAT.TXT is blocked then every following batch job gets the status of "Failed to install package".
      In our case "Notepad" blocks "SDCLIENT_BAT.TXT" until "Notepad" is closed.
      If in the distribution chain, however, a job based on a MSI files or VBScript is started, it is carried out without any problems.
      The Batch job which starts "Notepad" is running normally and exits without an error. Only the following jobs are affected.



      Landesk suffers of a design error. Only workarounds can avoid this error (e.g. convert the batch script to a VBscript).


      Our suggestion for a possible fix:

      Get rid of "SDCLIENT_BAT.TXT" or rename it to "SDCLIENT_BAT_%TASKID%_%DATE%_%TIME%.TXT".