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    need help creating queries




      I am using Landesk management suite ( and I need to create a querie to find out a version of software installed on computers in my company.


      Does anyone know how I go about doing this or can pass me on the procedures or the documentation.


      Thanks in advance,

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          LegoGuy SupportEmployee

          This section is actually for the Service Desk program, a ticketing system.  I think you wanted to log this under the LANDesk Inventory section.  But that said, you can create the queries off of two different sections in the inventory tree.  There is Software->Application Suites->Application Suite->version.  This is for software suites, ie the stuff under add/remove programs.  The other thing you can go off of is Software->Products->Version.  This is for files that are found on the client computers. 

          To create the query, right click on the queries section and create a new query.  Then you can click on one of the previously mentioned attributes and then choose an operator = > <  and then choose one of the versions  from the right side.  Next click the add button to add this to the filter.  Finally you can select the columns you wish to view by clicking on the Select Columns button down below. 

          Save the query and you can run it by double clicking. 


          Good luck.