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    Configure Target OS failing Vista


      Hi I have an issue where my Configure Target OS is failing.


      This is a Vista image which i have sysprepped and all other templates work fine right through but Configure Target OS does not. The WinPE image has been resized and all sysprep folders are present.


      Any ideas why this would fail?


      This is using provisioning and deploying using imagex and the error is


      80001803H The action failed.


      If i open the c: drive using a console i can see the Ldprovisioning files have not copied.



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          The first thing that CTOS will do is to copy the files down to the c:\sysprep\$OEM folder.  It doesn't actually create the ldprovisoin folder on C: until it calls cmdlines.txt and ldprovisioning.cmd.  Check in the sysprep\$OEM folder for any files, or do a dir /s search for cmdlines.txt to see if this is getting modified to call ldprovisioning.cmd.


          You can also manually launch ldprovision from WinPE with additional logging.  Follow the steps below to do this:


          1. In WinPE before launching selecting the template.  Close out of the ldprovision authntication window and GUI.

          2. Open a new console (CMD prompt) in WInPE and browse to the x:\ldprovision folder.

          3. Launch the following command line ldprovison.exe -c <corename> -V 255 (please not the caps on V)

          4. Authenticate normally and choose your template.

          5. When the action fails, browse to the x:\ldprovision folder nad use notepad to open the ldprovision.log


          Check the log to see if it indicates what the problem may be.