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    Inventory Service Error


      Hi All,


      I have this error problem regarding the inventory service on Windows.

      The service keeps stopping, even i have started it.

      It only runs for a few hours or for 2 days max.


      Can you help me?

      Many Thanks.


      i've attached screenshot of the error.

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          zman Master

          Screenshots are not readable, what version SP are you running from a LANDesk and COre server standpoint?

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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            Yes, all that's visible is that it is a Database Exception error...


            Could this be the one? http://community.landesk.com/support/message/5436#5436


            Otherwise, like Zman said: What version and SP are you on, and what is the exact error you get?




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              I'll guess at what's going on.


              Configure > Services > Inventory > Advanced > DB Error Recovery, change from 10 to 10000.


              Database maintenance, schedule a frequent reindex. Daily at least.

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                Along with Jack's suggestions, if you are on 8.7 you will need to be at SP6 and apply the patch found in DOC-2816 to make sure you dont get any of the "Unspecified Error" events.

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                  I'm getting a very similar issue... I have to constantly restart the Inventory service in order for any new deployments/agent installs to show up in the console. Plus, I get an error when I try it (making me use the stop/start method)...


                  Error message:


                  Could not stop the LANDesk Inventory Server service on hte local computer.

                  Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fasthion,


                  Thing is, by the time I write down the error message, the 'start' option is available (it takes it a minute or two to become available.


                  This only started happening since last week. I'm running version 8.8 SP2a on the server, and agents are mostly of the same revision. I do have some windows updates that need to be installed (processing through those now)...


                  I did the advised change in the configure services utility... As part of that tool, it restarted the service, which seems to have worked properly... Maybe the tweak is all that was needed.


                  Would be interested in knowing if anyone recognizes the above error message and if more steps need to be taken in order to have a solid fix in effect.

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                    Adam, so are you getting the 4100 connection failure errors along side the services failing to start and stop in a timely manor?


                    You may need to open a case with support if you are getting both errors but here are some suggestions to get you started.


                    Apply patch http://community.landesk.com/downloads/patch/INV-1970088.2.zip . Remember to add http://*.landesk.com as a trusted site so the file is not blocked. This patch fixes a load products into cache exception that can for some users cause the inventory server to time out the first time it loads. It also clears up the 4100 exceptions for many users (depends on which one as it is a generic event code).

                    Remember to reboot after applying the patch. Also note this is a beta patch but well tested, it can be reversed by copying your original ldinv32.exe in its place and removing and installing the service. (ldinv32.exe /remove ; ldinv32.exe /install).


                    If you are still having slowness and having to reload the inventory service try using iisreset /stop when the problem is happening. Is the inventory service able to now process scans quickly? If so let me know.