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    Clients not communicating with Core thru Gateway


      I am having trouble with a new install of the gateway appliance. The gateway and core server were installed at the same time, but we were not able to test/use the gateway until now. I have went thru the setup and troubleshooting, but still my off site clients will not communicate with my core. With IE, I can get to the gateway from the core server using the internal NIC address/C-name, and I can also get to the gateway from a client using the external NIC address/C-name.

      I have looked at the cert.0 file on the clients, and it has the correct external broker ip address in it, and the correct BorkerHost. The agent was configured after I had the gateway installed.


      The following is a portion of my Brokerconfig.txt, which just repeats itself.


      postcertificate() posting cert to host MyHostName, proxy

      postcertificate()  StartSession returned 0

      postcertificate() request returned 0

      postcertificate() right returned 0

      postcertificate()  Responce returned 0, status of 202

      postcertificate()  file did not appeat after 300 seconds


      Any help at what or where to look next would be great.