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    "Things ITBM/Service Desk users have done to make life easier"

    karenpeacock SupportEmployee

      As a community member has suggested, here is our new thread for sharing things that you've done to make life easier.   I am going to kick off the discussion with my own one.  Well when I say my own one I truly can't remember if it was me or someone else who implemented it so I apologise in advance if I have stolen someone else's idea.  It's basic but may not be something you've thought about.


      When you are viewing a window on a collection you can add a hyperlink of the id for the main process object you are on.  A good example being the incident note window and you can add on the incident id attribute and make it a hyperlink.  Particularly useful when:


      • In query based on the note object and you open a note and can click on the link to go back to the incident itself.
      • When you have done a knowledge search and found a match on an incident note so double-click to open up the note and want to get into the incident quickly.


      Example showing what I mean:


      incident link.bmp