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    ldms_core scheduled task


      I just wanted to say that I LOVE ldms_core.  It's really helping me to clean some stuff up.  The only issue I'm having is that I've scheduled it as a task, from the server scheduled tasks and from tasks in the console, and either way I cannot get the email notifications to send.  I'm puzzled.  When I manually start the scheduled task for this from the server, the email comes through just fine, but leaving it to the schedule, I get zilch.

      Hopefully, I'm just missing something really stupid here, but I would really appreciate someone giving me any direction.  The task is displaying a 0x9 "last result code" which has been hopeless in finding.

      Thanks so much!

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          Hi Brannon,


          Sorry no answer for you but I just wanted to say "ditto" I just found it (ldms_core) myself the other day and I agree - fantastic - but I have the same problem. I've even tried to set it up as a AT job on the core but again no email although it reports as having run.


          Well at least your not the only one missing something.. ;-)



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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            Can it be that your email server accepts only athenticated users? When it runs scheduled, nobody is logged in to the server...




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              Hi Frank,


              Actually, that's a good catch.  My question would be though, that if it's got to use an "authenticate" user, then scheduling it as a task is kind of pointless in terms of getting the information.  It would still do it's job, but it's the reporting piece that I'm in need of for the folks up the chain.  I will research on this though.  Thanks for the post!

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                aw, thanks


                So, there's a few potential ways for email not to get sent. The easiest and best one is that you've got the email verbosity slider set low and nothing important needs to be reported... wouldn't that be nice?


                Assuming that something does need to be reported, the next question is whether your email server requires authentication. In the email setup, there's a button for authentication where you can put in your credentials. These get stored in the registry (yes, the password is encrypted) and the run-as user doesn't matter. You can also send test mail from the setup UI, which might help narrow things down.


                The next possible problem is that your server's AV program stops the email -- McAfee specifically prevents email from anything, so you need to add an exclusion for ldms_core. This must be done by the McAfee EPO console... changing settings on the agent does nothing.


                Last but not least, if it can't send a mail, it will write out a logfile in current working directory, named ldms_core-$date.log. With luck, that'll include some information about why it couldn't send the mail.

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                  Thanks for your response. Here's the thing:

                  LDMS_CORE sends the email only when I'm logged into the server and then I run it, manually or forcing a run from the servers scheduled tasks.

                  If I run it using a script from LD's tasks, the email doesn't come through.

                  The scheduled task on the server runs but the error is 0x9, so I'm not sure if it's really running or what. Again, the message doesn't come through.

                  Essentially, the mailing piece is setup correctly, but, I'm just stumped on why I can't get it to run automatically.


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                    oooh, this is an annoying one. I've seen it on some systems where it can't run as a windows task but will run as a landesk task, and vice versa on other systems. For a while I was thinking it was an AV thing, but now I'm leaning to permissions. Naturally it works great on other systems and always runs when launched interactively by a logged in user. I haven't been able to figure anything out because when it's stopped from running, it can't write any debug information out.

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                      Just to add to the conversation - I'm having the same problem. Runs great when your logged into the server but I can't get it to run as a LD task and when I run it as a windows scheduled task it says it's completed but no email and the graphs don't update.


                      Just FYI I've actually uninstalled and reinstalled (just in case I've done something stupid) and also set up the scheduled task using the local admin account for the server. I'll see what happens next.


                      On another note - when I add the email authorisation details the dialog box just sets there - is this expected or should it verify the account and then close the box automatically?



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                        Hi Matt,


                        that should be fixed in 3.4.8 or later -- http://www.droppedpackets.org/scripts/ldms_core/changelog