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    Record Curtaining in HEAT


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      Originally created on 11/23/2015 by user dcrabbe


      Hello All,

      Very new to HEAT Administration and was asked to look into Record Curtaining.

      Are there any FAQs or How To's on hiding certain tickets and/or having only specific users seeing specific types of tickets?

      Ideally, we would like to test this in a development database and then push out to the actual in production database.

      - Derek

      Posted 11/23/2015 4:07 PM

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          ataylor_heat Apprentice

          This can be done one of two ways:

          1. Through View Sets that will limit what data is available to certain role(s) by providing a unique form view to each role; essentially showing/hiding field(s) based on role.


          2. By limiting access to records based on Role by specifying which roles have access to which customer type(s).


          The Help file should provide details on View Sets and role-based record curtaining based on customer type.

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            crondan@brookings.edu Rookie

            I'm looking to do the same thing for our HR department, but don't see anything in the Admin Help for " View Sets", is it called anything else?

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              You would create a new edit set, select the CallLog table, and create a new View (button on the right):



              In my system above, we have a "Directors" role. If a director logs in, they would see the CallLog tab as it would appear if I selected "System Directors" above and opened the form.