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    Keyboard Shortcuts?

    frank@wcupa.edu Rookie

      I just finished upgrading from 2014.x to 2015.1.2. I read that there are keyboard shortcuts. I can't find any documentation on how to configure/take advantage of them.

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          chris1 Apprentice

          I am on HEAT Cloud 2015.2, your mileage may vary a bit but I imagine this would be the same for you. Holding down the ALT key will cause the HEAT to display the keyboard shortcuts defined.

          You can find more information in help at https://YOURTENANT/help/user/index.html#common/navigating_thru_heat.htm#Using3


          A snip from the Help file:


          About Keyboard Shortcuts

          Starting in HEAT Release 2015.1, the system has added many keyboard shortcuts for navigating around the toolbars.

          Using keyboard shortcuts (and without using the mouse), you can perform searches, navigate through the application, create new incidents, run quick actions, and more.

          These keyboard shortcuts are specific to HEAT and do not interfere with the keyboard shortcuts in your web browser. The keyboard shortcuts are consistent across languages, and only use English characters.

          The keyboard shortcuts use two modifiers: either Alt or Ctrl + Shift. You can use either modifier. You cannot configure the modifier.


          For Mac users, the Alt key is also called the option key.
          By default, tab access is disabled in the Safari web browser. To enable it, go to Preferences > Advanced and select Press tab to highlight each item on a page.

          In addition to the keyboard shortcuts, you can also use the up arrow, down arrow, page up, and page down keys on your keyboard.

          If you are in a read-only control where you cannot enter any text, such as a list view, you do not need to use a modifier. You can just click the keyboard shortcut without the modifier and achieve the same result.

          Keyboard shortcuts apply to the active panel, which is where the cursor is. The available shortcuts vary depending on which panel the cursor is in.

          Previewing the Keyboard Shortcuts

          To preview the keyboard shortcuts, hold down the Alt key; however, this does not work if you are in an HTML field. You may need to refresh the page if the keyboard shortcuts are not displayed.

          Browser-Specific Keyboard Shortcuts

          The following keyboard shortcuts are used by one or more web browsers:

















          Do not create new keyboard shortcuts using these letters. If you create a new keyboard shortcut and use one of these letters, the system could potentially implement either the browser-specific shortcut or the user-defined shortcut.

          Creating and Modifying Keyboard Shortcuts

          You can create new keyboard shortcuts and edit existing ones for quick actions, including the default keyboard shortcuts that are part of the default HEAT system.

          If you create a new toolbar item, but do not specify a keyboard shortcut, the system creates a default shortcut which is the first unique letter of the label that is not reserved by a standard, reserved, or overridden shortcut, and uses ALT as the modifier.

          Follow these steps to create a new keyboard shortcut:


          1. From the Configuration Console, click Build > Page Layouts to open the Page Layouts workspace.


          2. Select a layout. The system opens the Edit Layout page.


          3. Click gridView. The List View Editor opens.


          4. Click edit next to the toolbar area. The Toolbar Editor opens.


          5. Click any toolbar item. The Toolbar Button Editor opens.


          6. Enter a letter in the Shortcut field. You can only assign one letter or number to a shortcut. You cannot assign special characters.


          7. Click Save to close the Toolbar Button Editor.


          8. Click Save to close the Toolbar Editor.


          9. Click Save from the toolbar.

          Common Keyboard Shortcuts


          Top-Level Menus


          Business Object Workspaces


          List View


          Form View


          Popup Menus



          Keyboard ShortcutAction
          Alt+TToggles between the active panel and the toolbar.

          Top-Level Menus


          Keyboard ShortcutAction
          Alt+WOpens the More... menu from the top-level header bar. This is where you see all the workspaces available to you. This does not work from inside dashboards.

          Business Object Workspaces

          These keyboard shortcuts may or may not be available, depending on the specific business object workspace.


          Keyboard ShortcutAction
          Alt+AOpens the Action Menu.
          Alt+CCloses the record.
          Alt+DDeletes the record.
          Alt+EStarts a remote control session.
          Alt+GOpens the Go To... menu.
          Alt+HPosts a message to the Social Board with the record.
          Alt+IPins the record to the watch list.
          Alt+LShows the list view.
          Alt+NCreates a new record.
          Alt+Shift+NShows the New... menu, which allows you to create a new record from a template.
          Alt+PAdds a problem to the record.
          Alt+RRefreshes the workspace.
          Alt+QRequests a change.
          Alt+TPrints the record.
          Alt+UAttaches an issue and resolution article.
          Alt+/Opens the quick search menu.
          Alt+\Opens the saved search menu.
          Alt+TabMoves to the next control.
          Alt+Shift+TabMoves to the previous control.

          Keyboard Shortcuts in a Workspace

          List View

          All keyboard shortcuts available in the business object workspaces, plus the following additional keyboard shortcuts:


          Keyboard ShortcutAction
          Alt+DDeletes a record.
          Alt+EResolves the record.
          Alt+PPrints the record.

          Form View


          Keyboard ShortcutAction
          Alt+CCloses a record.
          Alt+DDeletes a record.
          Alt+HShares the record.
          Alt+LOpens the list view.
          Alt+SSaves the record.
          Alt+Shift+ right arrowMoves to the next record.
          Alt+Shift+left arrowMoves to the previous record.

          Used for forms that have tabs. Moves to the next child panel or header form. This is the same as clicking on the next tab. For example, in the screen below, if you are currently viewing the Details tab, if you click Alt+Shift+K, you move to the Resolution Details tab.



          If you are already viewing the last tab, clicking Alt+Shift+K opens the list of additional tabs.  This is the same as clicking the + button on the right (not shown above).

          Alt+Shift+JMoves to the previous child panel or header form. This is the same as clicking on the previous tab.
          TabMoves to the next control.
          Shift+TabMoves to the previous control.
          TabMoves the navigation from the list of tabs to inside the child panel.

          When you are in a read-only control where you cannot enter any text, such as the child panel below, you do not need to use a modifier. You can just click the keyboard shortcut without the modifier and achieve the same result.  For example, below, if you click N in the incident list, the system displays the New Incident window. If you click Alt+N, the system also opens the New Incident window.

          Keyboard Shortcuts in a Read-Only Child Panel

          However, if you are in a child panel that is not read-only, which means you can enter data into the form, as shown below, you must use a modifier. Below, if you click  Alt+N, the system opens the New Problem window. You cannot access the New Incident form from here.

          Keyboard Shortcuts in a Not Read-Only Child Panel

          Popup Menus


          Keyboard ShortcutAction
          EscCloses the popup menu without saving the data.
          Ctrl+EnterSaves the data and closes the popup menu.
          TabMoves to the next control.
          Shift+TabMoves to the previous control.

          Using Full-Screen Mode

          You can hide the top header bar by entering full-screen mode. (This is different than pressing F11 on your keyboard.  When you press F11, you still see the header bar with the top-level tabs.) In full-screen mode, you do not see the header bar and top-level tabs; you only see the current business object record or workspace. This is useful when you need to display more vertical space, such as if you are working in 1024x768 where there is limited vertical space.


          1. To the right of the Log in button, click the small upward pointing triangle. The full screen confirmation window appears.


          2. Click Allow to enter full-screen mode.


          3. Press ESC on your keyboard to get out of full-screen mode.
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            SusanJS Specialist

            I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but it seems like in Cloud 2015.2 the letters themselves are automatic keyboard shortcuts if the option is available on that page.  For example, if you just press the letter "s" without your cursor being in any field, it saves the record.  The letter "g" triggers the goto function and for you Admins, the letter "d" will trigger a delete function if it is enabled.  I've been able to get this to work in both Chrome and IE 9. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but I thought I'd share the observation.

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              markuszierer Specialist

              Just noticed recently that the default Keyboard shortcuts are causing some problem when using Mac OS. To get the "@" sign on a mac, you have to press "ALT + L"...


              And since this shortcut is mapped to "List View" in HEAT SM, it's simply impossible to create an "@" within the HEAT SM application on an apple computer.... The only workaround i found is to go switch to a different application, write an “@“ there and using copy & paste to enter it in HEAT SM...


              Thx HEAT for respecting Mac users ;-)

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                chris1 Apprentice


                I am not following. Shift +2 provides the @ sign on my Mac and also my PC. Perhaps you are using another keyboard or something?

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                  markuszierer Specialist

                  because of your answers, i did a picture search for a qwerty mac keyboard layout and it turned out, it's because of my german (qwertz) keyboard layout. On the german keyboard layout, the key to create the "@" is ALT + L, which is used in HEAT SM to switch to the List View.


                  I have opened a Incident regarding this, but because HEAT SM has only a very small market share in germany, i don't think there will be a solution for this. Especially because the potential amount of customers which are using Mac OS AND german keyboard layout is pretty low, i think.

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                    chris1 Apprentice

                    Interesting. I did not know there would be that much difference.