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    Deploying Microsoft Surface Pro with HEAT EMSS (LEMSS) client

    jonbays Apprentice

      Many organisations are deploying new Microsoft Surface Pro PC's as they refresh their fleets.


      With no native Ethernet these machines use either USB docking stations, USB Ethernet adaptors or Wireless and our SK-NDIS driver has been known to block network access


      Do you control wireless network by HEAT EMSS policy in your environment? If you don't, please avoid installing the SK-NDIS driver.


      This is achievable via [Manage - Agent policy set - Global System Policy]. Scroll all the way down till you see "Device Control", there is a "LDC install SK-NDIS driver" which by default - Enabled. Please set this to "Disabled". And the NDIS driver will not be deployed.


      For those endpoints that have the driver deployed, you may uncheck the NDIS driver.