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    DSM 2015.2.1




      I know a lot of people are waiting for this Version. We are in the final phase of QA right now and if nothing unforeseen happens, the release is going to happen next Wednesday (Dec 9th).


      There will be the Hotfix itself as well as a fully patched ISO available for download, enabling you to directly upgrade to 2015.2.1. Official release will be announced via the usual channels.


      Best regards


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          nordin.markow Apprentice

          Darf in diesem Forum eigentlich kein Deutsch geschrieben werden?

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            markuszierer Specialist

            Ah OK, so if it will be announced via the usual channels, this means, there will be NO information to partners. As always...


            Sorry for that, but we partners are complaining since a LONG time that we do not receive an information when a new release is out. OK, with the Partner SelfService Portal things have become better. But a simple E-Mail notification to all registered partners, about a new Version / Patch, is still not possible.

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              _Mel_ Master

              Daß man Ankündigungen auf Englisch macht, damit auch Benutzer ohne Deutschkenntnisse sie verstehen, ist nachvollziehbar.

              Kommt halt immer darauf an von wem man verstanden werden will.


              Da der Wunsch besteht, daß die Nutzer des deutschen Forums auch hier schreiben, wäre es sicher wenig zweckdienlich zu versuchen hier Englisch durchzusetzen.

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                sbr2 Expert



                danke für die Information.


                Bitte unterrichtet uns schnellst möglich falls der Termin wieder verschoben wird. Auch nur wenn ihre eine Ahnung davon habt.


                Viele Grüße


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                  Quick update: It still looks like we will release tomorrow.


                  Kurze Info: Es sieht immer noch so aus, daß wir morgen releasen werden.



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                    Hi, if we all like to share great information also to everybody in the community English is probably a good choice. thanks.

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                      Andreas.K Apprentice


                      2015.2.1 is now available.

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                        Yes, Downloads are available at HEAT Service Management


                        Best regards


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                          markuszierer Specialist

                          I'm officially impressed. Received an official Mailing from our Partner Contract at HEAT Software. Congrats, it looks like you finally found a way to sync the information flow...

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                            Sebastian Silaghi Apprentice

                            Hello together,


                            we have updated our test environment to 2015.2.1 and we have some issues with "shopped" packages/policies. The first time we shop a package we have no problem. But if we init a reinstall of the computer the "shopped" policyinstance get the status red with the message (Kann die Installation von NotepadPP_V6.6.7 nicht rückgängig machen, weil das Paket nie ausgeführt wurde.). It tries to uninstall the package and it is in fact not possible because the OS is reinstalled and there is no installed software on that computer. It seems that the set should be installed but the package should be uninstalled.


                            Further details: the package is part of a software set and the set is assigned to a AD user group. Uninstall is enabled for set and package.


                            Has anyone the same issue? (Incident is already opened) I am thankful for all hints.




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                              roman.orth Rookie

                              Hi there,


                              regarding the problem Mr. Silaghi has I have some questions:

                              - the according package was never installed?

                              - what is the status of the softwareset policy instance?

                              - what is the status of the component policy instance?

                              - what is the behavior of the computer after performing the reinstall?

                              I am just try to reproduce the issue.



                              Roman Orth

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                                Sebastian Silaghi Apprentice

                                Hello Mr. Orth,


                                thank you for your quick response and sorry for the late answer, but i was running from one meeting to another. I will try to answer your questions:


                                - the according package was shopped by a user on a running computer. Installation was successful. (see attached pic on first row)

                                - when i reinstall the computer the status changes from compliant to reinstall for both the set and the package (see attached pic on second row)

                                - after the reinstall of the computer the policy has the status of uninstall and it could not be uninstalled because it was never installed (see attached pic on third row)

                                - this ist different from my last post because the compliant status remains yellow. with other packages i had the same issue but the compliant status went red.


                                Thanks for your help,



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                                  roman.orth Rookie

                                  Hello Mr. Silaghi,


                                  thank you for the information. I will try to reproduce this issue. This is of course not the intended behavior.


                                  Kind Regards

                                  Roman Orth

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                                    roman.orth Rookie



                                    unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this issue. My shopped policy instances behaved as expected.

                                    I think the best approach will be getting into more details via the incident.


                                    Kind Regards

                                    Roman Orth

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