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    Using Editing or Calculation rules to sync fields

    mjones800 Rookie

      I have two fields which I am trying to sync together, the fields have pick lists associated. One of the fields is visible to self service users and has four items in list and the other is visible to our service desk analysts and has eight items in list. 


      I have a calculation rule set up for the self service pick list so that when users select an item and save the incident, the desired list item is picked for our service desk analysts.  The reason for this is that we do not want to expose all items (or nomenclature) to our self service customers so this mapping was desired.


      This works very well when opening incidents via self service but now I must  create some type of mapping in the other direction...in case our support team makes changes to the field that same change needs to be reflected when the customer views their incident. 


      Has anyone here tried something similar?  I tried to use the same logic and received interesting results.


      My self service pick list sort of reads like this







      So internally I would want

      1 = A

      2 = B

      3 = C

      all else = other



      This works well except when selecting something other than 1, 2, or 3.  The internal picklist just sets itself to other.