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    My Open Items Panel Customisation


      I've been working with HEAT for a while now to get a piece of work live that allowed us to use a prefix before each of the counters i.e. REQ, INC, APP, etc

      This allows quick identification if a 3rd party chased a ticket and they only had the ID but didn't know whether it was a request, incident or approval. Anyone working on a ticket could easily locate it by the type of prefix.

      The concept was quite simple to setup every where else with the addition of a new field in each of the objects which stores the appended value i.e. INC12345 and adding the field to lists and forms.


      Until now one of the problems with this was that the My Open Items panel found in self-service wouldn't allow us to show this field because it wasn't customisable. This devalued what I was trying to achieve as it was the end customers I wanted to start using these values and they couldn't even see them without going to the main my items list which was configurable.


      After a few false starts where we thought it worked but got errors in testing it is now working to the best of my knowledge. Rather than just giving me the ability to load into and see the APP, REQ & INC prefixes, but the list can now be customised like any other list through the My Items business object. Theres no guarentees that this will work for everyone but I checked if I could publish this and they had no problem soI'd assume it does work acroiss the platform. A KB is also in the process of being approved but heres the quide -


      To configure My Item dashboard part as customer’s requirement, please follow below steps:

      1. Login to HEAT as administrator, and click “Configure Application” on top right of home page.
      2. Go to “Dashboards” in left tree.
      3. Edit the dashboard “Self Service”.
      4. Expend “Special parts” and click on “+” button to add a list:
      5. Fill in necessary information and choose saved search used for grid:
      6. Go to tab “List Configuration”. In “Row Action” field, select “Double click”, then click on “Edit command” button:
      7. In “Command” combo, select “My Items – Show record”. Fill in “Type” field with “{data.SecondParentLink_Category}”, fill in “Record id” field with “{data.SecondParentLink_RecID}”, fill in “Reference type” field with “{data. ParentLink_Category}”, fill in “Reference ID” field with “{data.ParentLink_RecID}”, then click “Save” to save the changes:
      8. Save the dashbaord part and drag the part to Self Service dashboard.
      9. Save the dashboard.