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    Possibility to have a double constraint on a Validation List in a Request Offering

    jhouben Rookie

      I have created a Request Offering that has several Validation Lists and these list are visible if values are chosen in other validation lists.

      In this way I have created some sort of matrix where users can choose a software by chosing a Manufacturer, a Software Category and a Software.

      But the users are able to start the search from either one of the fields and the other fields are filtered against the choice they make.


      This is working fine, but when I try to save the Request, it throws me an error like this:


      Parameter 'Software Application - 1': Expected 1 selected item for validation list EPS_SoftwareOnCategoryAndAmnufacturer, but got 0


      Although in the Request it shows me the correct values.


      To become this functionality I have created several PickLists with double constraints:




      It seems that HEAT is complaining about this setup although it works as I expected.


      Can someone give me a hint on this ?