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    Assigning to other teams


      I want to be able to reassign requests to different teams but have a required rule set on the owner and team when the status is active. This means the users have to set the request back to submitted, empty the owner and then change the team. Also the Owner is validated from the team list.


      I've created a button which prompts for the team and then goes away and sets the status to submitted and the team to whatever was chosen, as a byproduct the owner is also blanked because of the team change. This works fine as long as I dont ask the associated quick action to save.

      When I try to make the quick action set the owner to null or "" it complains about these values not existing in the validated owner list. When I leave owner out of the quick action all together and check the save option it complains about owner being required - almost like it still thinks the status is active.

      I guess I'm missing the parameter which means blank.


      Any ideas?



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          SusanJS Specialist

          Try   $(EmptyString())


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            No such luck I'm afraid. Added to the quick action so it looks like this now -

            When I try to reassign I get this message

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              ben.prinsloo1 Apprentice

              The rule on Owner for ServiceReq is as follow, so in theory your solution should work:

              $(if Status == "Active" then true else false)


              However, I found I need to update in steps when it comes to dependent objects, not in one go when I deal with this situations. Try the following as a test:-

              1. Create a trigger action which fires when the status change from Active to Submitted

              2. Let this trigger then prompt for the team

              3. Let your update then only update the Status


              This way you are more or less guaranteed the events are executed in a specific order.

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                Current process is click a reassign button which runs the above quick action setup. This then prompts for a team and then attempts to update the status to submitted, team and owner.

                If I take out the Owner part it complains that the owner isn't in the validation list.


                I tried the expression provided - "$(if Status == "Active" then true else false)" - but all this is going to do is check if the service request status is active and try to add a true / false value to the owner field isn't it? When I ran it anyway it complained that false was not in the owner validation list.


                So I tried the other test - Created a trigger on status update from active to submitted, chose select an action and chose the quick action I previously created with the owner part removed. This prompted for a team but gave me the first validation error complaining that the chosen owner (the previous one)  isn't in the team I selected.

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                  ben.prinsloo1 Apprentice

                  Apologies, I meant that rule exist in the OOTB on my build (2015.2.1), not for you to create it. Basically when the ServiceReq is "Active" the Owner is required (It already exists under the "Required Rules"). What is happening here is that the update events doesn't synch in the correct order. This mean the rule executes before the content of the Status is evaluated, and it still sees the owner as mandatory.


                  Empty the Owner on the quickaction as a test. So the test is as follow :-

                  1. As before only update the Status to Submitted in the quick action

                  2. In the trigger quick action, also update the owner to empty


                  Alternatively, use an edit rule to set the owner to empty if the status is changed to submitted as a test. The key is to find the order of execution.

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                    No probs. I figured it was the order things are being ran.

                    Starting again from the beginning -

                    I've added a reassign button which runs the first quick action that updates the status to Submitted and saves

                    I've then created a trigger which reacts to the status field changing from active to submitted, prompts for a team and sets the owner to blank -

                    When I click the button the status doesn't update in the background but I get a prompt for the team. I add a team and get this error -

                    If I disable the trigger and click the button it saves with a submitted status

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                      chris1 Apprentice

                      You want to allow the user to Assign to a different team, but dont want to require them to also set an owner?

                      You require Owner when the state =Active?


                      Do I understand that correctly?

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                        Yeah. Although I recommend to the teams that they cancel requests (due to the different requirements of each form) they still just put a lot into the right team. This works ok for now while the requests are pretty basic e.g. Just a notes field, but as they get more complex I think the message will get through.

                        What I want is for active to require an owner normally but the button to put it into another team like its landed for the first time so submitted and no owner.





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                          Hi Chris


                          we have a similar setup for tasks and this works fine:

                          - Owner is required when status is not logged, cancelled or waiting via this business rule:

                          - We have a 're-assign' button to empty the owner, prompt for a new team and change the status:




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                            FredK Rookie



                            After several combinations, I've found one who is working fine.

                            This is just a QA with a specific fields sort order (owner in 1st, team in 2nd and status in 3rd).

                            Beware, just modify the sort order in the existing QA is not always enough as I had to delete the owner field in the QA and recreate it in the right position.


                            Hope that helps


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                              dcogny Expert

                              Thanks for asking this, I had similar problem and found my solution thanks to this post, but my case was a bit different, so I put it here in case can help someone out there.


                              What I had:

                              - Owner was a mandatory field except if the task Status is set to "Logged" or "Cancelled".

                              - Whenever a task was "Accepted" by a user, if for some reason the task was re-assigned, the new Owner would receive it with that "Accepted" status.

                              - There was a button to re-assign tasks to a different Team, but it was cancelling the first task and cloning it into a new one with the new Team as OwnerTeam. I hate to "waste" tasks, it makes the whole thing messier and increases dumbly the number of tasks, faking the actual number.


                              What I wanted:

                              - "Owner" still needs to be mandatory except when "Logged" or "Cancelled"

                              - Changing the owner of the tasks, should automatically change the status of the task to "Assigned" (On our Analysts Dashboard there's a table for "Assigned" task so you can keep track of anything new that comes to you, if it gets to you as "Accepted" it will get mixed with the ones, actually accepted by you, and it can take a while until you realize you have that new task)

                              - The "Reassign" button should actually assign the selected task to a different Team and clear the Owner field without creating new tasks.


                              How I got it:

                              - A "Required rule" for "Owner" except when "Status" == "Logged" or "Cancelled"

                              - A "Triggered action" when the "Owner" is changed but with the condition to only trigger if: $(Owner != EmptyString()) that would change the "Status" to "Assigned"

                              - A "Reassign" button that will only change the "Status" to "Logged" and the "Owner" to $(EmptyString())

                              - A "Triggered action" when the "Status" is changed to "Logged" that will ask fro the new team and assign the task to it: $(Prompt("Please enter team for reassignment",  "Incident Owner Team"))


                              All that, gives me what I need; the tricky thing was that the action to change to "Assigned" was changing the "Status" every time the "Reassign" button was clearing the "Owner", so the "Required rule" was blocking the whole change!


                              Hope this can help!

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                                Just returned after the holiday break. Thanks for everyones contributions.


                                The order of the actions in the QA described by Frederic fixed it and it now prommpts for a team, blanks the owner, changes to submitted and auto saves -  perfect!!!