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    How will use of IE8 and before be stopped in January?

    joetetley Apprentice

      We recently got an e-mail regarding the use of IE8:


      "As of January 15th, 2016, HEAT Service Management cloud users will no longer be able to log in using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 browser (IE-8). Microsoft IE-8 will be fully de-supported for both premise and cloud with the 2016.1 release scheduled for April, 2016."


      How will this restriction be implemented?  Will it be based purely on the use of the cypher mechanism?  I have been checking over the past month to see what browsers my users are accessing Heat Cloud with and I am seeing false reports in some cases from the User Agent String showing people using IE10 with compatibility mode as being on IE7.  I'm trying to get them onto either Chrome or IE11 anyway, but will these users be blocked?