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    GlobalProtect app configuration profile

    archer Rookie

      Does anyone have experience deploying PaloAltoNetworks GlobalProtect? They provide an XML file with no documentation whatsoever. Would really appreciate any guidance.

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          jonbays Apprentice

          It's just a VPN type App to download from the app play store that provide safer internet access as you are forced through the corporate PAN firewall to the wildfire service through the internet. There is minimal MDM capability there please look at our HEAT LANrev MDM which will do a better job.


          HEAT LANrev Enterprise mobility management -Formerly Absolute Manage for Mobile Devices - HEAT Software

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            archer Rookie

            I guess I presumed that by posting in the HEAT LANrev discussion group, it would be understood that I am already using your MDM solution. I need to deploy this PaloAltoNetworks GlobalProtect VPN app and have it pre-configured for our network. To be perfectly clear, I want our "Absolute MDM" server to deploy the app to iOS devices. I want the end user to be able to start the VPN connection without ever having to configure the app. This would be similar to the way AbsoluteApps is pre-configured with the server info. Thank you.

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              dherder Specialist

              Hi Archer,

              You can definitely create a 3rd party config profile that will configure the GlobalProtect app.


              In the Mobile Devices dialog, under the Assignable Items> Configuration Profiles section, you can choose "New Configuration Profile". When this dialog comes up, you can choose "Create a configuration profile for an app". Choose "Third Party App Configuration" from the combo box and then you will be able to create a config profile with the GlobalProtect customized settings defined by your XML.




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