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    Customise the Address Book

    joetetley Apprentice

      Has anyone been able to customise the Address Book?  We would like to be able to customise the view of the address book when you go into it.  At the moment it looks like this:


      I would like to be able to pull addresses through into the linked contacts so people can see the address it will send to.  I would also like to be able to customise the tabs so that I have for example: Branch Addresses, Employee Addresses, Supplier Addresses.


      I have looked for the business object that the Address Book uses but this appears to be hidden.


      Does anyone have any ideas?

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          elysey Apprentice

          Hi Joe


          I remember looking at this in the past.  When you go into the Admin Console and have a look at the control properties of the Address Book button, you'll see that the system looks to have the option to apply custom objects against it (screenshot below from the Journal Email form in the Journal.Email object).



          When I click on the "Add" button, I get the error below:

          So it looks like the option is there, just need to make sure it is a custom business object with an email address annotation against. it.


          Unfortunately I haven't tested it successfully in the past, can't remember if I logged an incident on it as well.  But to start you off, have a look at the Primary Email field on the Composite Contact object regarding field annotations.


          Hope this helps

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            joetetley Apprentice

            Thanks Elyse - that helps!


            It does seem to act strangely.  I only get the Custom Objects tab when I add a new Address Book button, existing ones on the form don't give me this option.  Then when I have added a custom object successfully to the form, the addresses from the custom object still don't appear when I save and go to test the button.  I'd also like to remove the tabs for Teams and Contact Groups.


            I will have a bit more of a play and log a call with Support if I can't figure it out.





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              tapatio Apprentice

              Hi, were you able to figure this out? im trying to do the same and remove the extra tabs. Please advise thank you!

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                joetetley Apprentice

                No sorry I gave up as I had too much else on to explore it properly.  Let me know if you figure it out but I think it's functionality we can't really play with.