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    Average duration is zero

    niah0817 Rookie

      I am attempting to run the report "Average Call Duration in Hours by Priority" and the duration field is coming up all zeros.  I just ran this report the other day and it worked but today it won't calculate.  The formula that I am using is

      if {?Hours of Operation} = '24x7' then HFWDurNumhoursNormal ({CallLog.RecvdDate},{CallLog.RecvdTime},{CallLog.ClosedDate},{CallLog.ClosedTime})/60


      if {?Hours of Operation} = 'Helpdesk' then HFWDurNumHoursHelpdesk ({CallLog.RecvdDate},{CallLog.RecvdTime},{CallLog.ClosedDate},{CallLog.ClosedTime})/60


      if {?Hours of Operation} = 'Customer' then HFWDurNumHoursCustType ({CallLog.CustType},{CallLog.RecvdDate},{CallLog.RecvdTime},{CallLog.ClosedDate},{CallLog.ClosedTime})/60


      so when running the report it prompts for Hours of Operation and I am selecting 'Helpdesk' (though I did try 24x7 and that came up zeros also)


      There was a post in the FRSConnect forum but I guess that is gone now.  Any suggestions as to what I can look at?  I did verify the Hours of Operations calendar in the Administrator module and everything was fine there.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.!

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          Are you using Answer Wizard? It has a report of Average Duration in Hours of Calls Closed by Priority with this formula. Maybe it would work for you. 


          {?Customer Type} <> 'All'


          {CallLog.CustType} = {?Customer Type}


          {CallLog.CustType} like "*") and

          {CallLog.ClosedDate} like [""]

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            scott.taylor@sait.ca Rookie

            Wondering if you ever received an answer / figured it out.  I have the same issue as you listed, and don't seem to get the @Duration function to calculate any value.

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              AlasdairRobertson ITSMMVPGroup

              On the client you are running the queries has the Calendar.HWF file been created on the machine you are running the report from?  This holds the calendar structure and should be created automatically, you can delete it and run a call duration report form answer wizard or call logging and it should recreate.


              The path to the file is here: C:\ProgramData\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\Cache\Calendar.HFW

              Please note the path does vary slightly from OS to OS.