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    URL/Hyperlink in Request Offering?

    mike171 Apprentice

      Anyone have any idea's how to create a hyperlink in a request offering? I have an external form posted that I would like to have a link in the request offering to the page where they can fill it out, save and then attach to the request before submitting. A quick action button to open the page if possible, a text hyperlink, or even if I could change the color of the text in the control so it was notices as a web URL would be helpful.


      I have found that I can inset a "Text, Number or Mask Field" control, set the default value to the URL and the Type to "URL",  and set it to read only. But it doesn't actually become a hyperlink until you are on "Review & Submit" under Service Catalog.

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          joetetley Apprentice

          Easiest way is probably to add the upload attachment control to the request offering, then put the link in the description box for the attachment.  In the description editor switch to Source Edit so that you can add target="_blank" to the <a> tag to open the link in a new tab, e.g. enter something like:


          Add <a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk" target="_blank">link</a> here

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            mike171 Apprentice

            Thanks Joe, I actually just did this yesterday. However by putting the HTML code into the description field, clicking any link would open a blank HEAT page. By using the Category Heading control and adding <a href="URL" target="_blank">LINKTEXT</a> to the main field, The links opened correctly and it fit the length limit. I first tried the main entry in the text, number or mask field but if over a certain length the link doesn't show up visibly but is still clickable.

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              I think solution suggested by Joe is correct. Use CATEGORY HEADING field for the form and enter following format

              <b>Click <a href="<Xyz.com>"target="_blank">here</a> to open 'AdministrationRightsForm'