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    Bulk Deleting 3rd Party iOS Apps

    jsmith1 Apprentice

      Hi All,

      I'm looking for a way to bulk delete managed 3rd Party IOS apps off a group of iPads. I can get a smart policy together that has all the devices, but unfortunately there isn't a "Forbidden" option for 3rd Party apps as there is for In-house Applications.


      Here's the criteria I have for the policy now:

      Device User Enrollment Username is Bfak

      Mobile Device Installed App Name is Pic Collage

      Mobile Device Managed App Status is Managed


      So now that I've got them together, how can I remove Pic Collage in bulk without having to go through each iPad individually?

      I thought about using On-demand/Auto-Remove, but need to come up with a criteria that will remove the devices from that Smart Policy and prevent other devices in Absolute populating that policy. Got any ideas?

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          robert.morton Apprentice

          I could not do this in a policy, but I can in a group. Policies all share the same columns, so this trick does not work there.


          I created the smart group similar to yours...

          Screenshot 2016-01-29 09.11.44.png


          After that, it is all about choosing the right columns. I used the same ones that were under "All installed applications" group. I just copied them, deleted the ones for my newly created group, and pasted the ones from All installed applications in. That gave me a view of my two iPads that had Frozen installed.

          Screenshot 2016-01-29 09.11.53.png


          At this point, you can Select all of the devices, right click and pick Delete Application...


          Not entirely automated, but hopefully this will work for you.

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            jsmith1 Apprentice

            I can live with that!

            I just ran it in 2 groups of 20 iPads each, no problems at all.

            Much thanks Rob!