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    Windows 10 Servicing and Patching

    FrankScholer Master

      There's an intense discussion on how to deal with Windows 10 Feature Upgrades, Update, which branch to choose and other Windows 10 related points in the German DSM forums over at Windows 10 ja/nein? - HEAT Software Desktop & Server Management (DSM) Forum. Since these topics are also relevant for the non-german DSM users, I'd like to start a complementary discussion on this english speaking forum.


      Topics of interest are:

      • what do you think of the different branches and which one will you choose (and why or why not)?
      • what do you expect from the HEAT DSM team to see in the product for supporting Windows 10 servicing and patching?
      • what would you like to try to accomplish when patching Windows 10?
      • how do you deal with Windows 10 privacy settings?
      • what about Windows 10 apps, the app store, the built-in apps (like XBox, which is part of Windows 10 Enterprise - is XBox really an enterprise-app ;-)???
      • ...


      We would be very happy, to have an active discussion on the expectations that you have as well on Windows 10 itself as on DSM...


      Thanks, Frank