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    Heat Discovery Installation Issues

    tfox360 Rookie

      We are upgrading to the latest Heat Service Management which includes the latest discovery client (v2.3.0.7).  I push the client update via DSM v2015.1 patch 2919.  Apparently the Discovery install is not integrated in this version, so I use an escript to install.  The installer checks for v9 and removes it first, then installs the current version (no reboot between processes).  Overall, most installs work, but I do have a high failure rate due to the generic 1603 MSI error.  Every system I've investigated has the same symptom.  Reinstalls after reboots aren't working and the symptom appears to be a bunch of TMP files in the Frontrange Solutions\SaasIMClient\ClientAgent folder.  It's possible that this condition is caused by win updates needing to be applied prior to the install as I've seen this condition, but allowing it to apply, rebooting, and reinstall gives the same condition.   I've tried deleting the folder and reinstalling, but same issue occurs.  MSI log is indicating that I might need to remove existing product first as the initial is not complete and doesn't seem to rollback properly from the original install.  I believe the InventorClient\Audit portion of the install works, as this folder seems complete and services are installed an running.  FR Saas Local Job Manager - runs, FR SaaS Update Agent Service - runs, FR SaaS ClientAgent Service is installed but doesn't run.  There are no Add Remove PRogram entries for the install (no uninstall reg keys), so I may need to manually clean up the install to fix it.  Anyone seen this condition for this client?



      escript for installer

      !-Version Variables



      !-Repair Mode to skip existing install check

      If CheckInstallMode(imAppRepair)

      MSIReInstallProduct('{0AD17BEC-BCA6-4969-8367-0A70E71F95A0}','SaaS Client Agent','32','2','2')/TS

      goto check

      !-Query for existing version

      GetFileVersion('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\SaasIMClient\ClientAgent\Discovery\SaaScagent32.exe','VerVar')/X/TS

      GetFileVersion('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\SaasIMClient\ClientAgent\ClientAgentInstaller.exe','VerVar2')/X/TS

      !-Already installed, report and do not install

      If %VerVar%='%FileVer%' or %VerVar2%='%CurVer%'

      ExitProcEx(Done,'%_SCRIPT_NAME% Already Installed v%VerVar2%, try repair option to force install')


      goto uninst

      !-Uninstall Routine, check for older version and remove if exist

      : uninst

      If Exist('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\Discovery Client Agent\Audit\cagent32.exe')

      RunAsEx('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\Discovery Client Agent\Audit\cagent32.exe','/remove','eruntime','k20C519G5989530D944AC27EF5E847F3388G0A','5','uninstvar',WaitForExecution+UndoneContinueParentScript)

      If %uninstvar%='0'

        goto Install


        ExitProcEx(Failed,'Uninstall of Discovery Agent v9 Failed %uninstvar%')

      !-Install Routine, install product

      : Install



      params:CLNTCFGCAK="***** (Removed actual)" CLNTCFGBASEURL=http://GFA-DISCOV-02V:80 CLNTCFGDEFOU="Discovery-Root"


      !-Install verification check

      : check

      GetFileVersion('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\SaasIMClient\ClientAgent\ClientAgentInstaller.exe','VerVar2')/X/TS

      GetFileVersion('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\SaasIMClient\ClientAgent\Discovery\SaaScagent32.exe','VerVar')/X/TS

      If %VerVar%='%FileVer%' or %VerVar2%='%CurVer%'

      ExitProcEx(Done,'%_SCRIPT_NAME% Success.  v%VerVar2%')


      ExitProcEx(Failed,'%_SCRIPT_NAME% Failed. See MSI Log file %CommonFilesDir%\Enteo\NiLogs\MSI\NiMsiInst...[SaaS Client Agent]')


      : $BeginUninstallScript

      MSIUnInstallProductEx('{0AD17BEC-BCA6-4969-8367-0A70E71F95A0}','SaaS Client Agent','','2','0')/TS

      If not Exist('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\SaasIMClient\ClientAgent\Discovery\SaaScagent32.exe')

      ExitProcEx(Done,'Discovery Client Removed.  ')


      ExitProcEx(Failed,'Discovery Client Removal Failed.  ')

      !The commands between the $BeginUninstallScript label and the end of the script will (only) be executed during an uninstallation of the package.

      !Here you can add commands to undo installation commands that cannot be reversed automatically.

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          tfox360 Rookie

          Found the fix to this issue.  It appears the install completes partially which leaves the Saascagent32.exe and Saaslspx86.exe or Saaslpamd64.exe process running (even after reboot).  These processes and the leftover folders from the original install appeared to cause the issue.  To address, added this step in the installer:

          (Stop the processes from running, set a check for x86 vs x64 as process is different depending on OS Arch)




          If %Process1_Name%='SaaScagent32.exe'


          If CheckPlatform(cpWinx64)




            If %Process2_Name%='SaaSlpAMD64.exe'






            If %Process2_Name%='SaaSlpx86.exe'


          (Added this step to address the TMP files created after a failed install.  If you reboot, this step is not needed, but his avoids reboot)



          (Deleted all folders, I tried to only delete the subfolders InventoryClient and SaasIMClient to avoid deleting another subfolder.  For example, my install has a Service Management folder.  Found that you MUST delete the main folder or same error occurs)

          If Exist('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\InventoryClient')

            Delete('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\InventoryClient')/S/F

          If Exist('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\SaasIMClient')

            Delete('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions\SaasIMClient')/S/F

          If Exist('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions')

            Delete('%ProgramFilesDir%\FrontRange Solutions')/S/F