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    How to distribute managed apps to iOS

    fredm Rookie

      Good Morning,


      I have an problem with distruting managed apps to iOS devices and was wondering if anyone could provide me with some guidance, please ?


      The workflow is as follows:

      Absolute manage is set up with Year groups - Year 1, Year 2, Year 3... etc. Within each Year grouping are a group of apps for each year grouping. An iPad is updated to the latest iOS version, 9.2.1. The device is assigned to an AD user in (for example) Year 6. At this point, my assumption is that because the device is assigned to a user in Year 6, the year 6 group of apps will assign the associated apps to the iPad but this does not seem to work. (i.e no apps get placed on the new iPad). This workflow doesn't really explain how the licenses for the apps get tied to the device (managed app distribution) rather then via VPP user assignment. At the moment, the iPad prompts for a new or existing Apple ID. I assume using this workflow, the apps are being assigned via VPP user distribution rather then device distribution.


      An alternative approach I have tried is to select the update iPad, and right clicked;  the context menu appears, select the option under VPP licensing "to assign license to device". When selected,  a drop down appears with a list of app. If an app is selected and 'assign license to device' then it appears to work. But this works on an app by app basis for a user by user basis. Is there any way to do this using the Year Grouping approach ? In other words, is there a way to assign apps licensing to a device on a Year grouping level ?


      I hope my explanations appear to make sense. If not, please let me know. I've spent much of this afternoon fumbling around the toolset trying to match the 'new app distribution' model to the schools previous VPP invitation methodology but I'm coming to the realisation that the two different workflows require very different approaches.


      Any help would be very much appreciated.

      Thank you.