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    Inheritance of password variables

    Sebastian Silaghi Apprentice

      Hi @ all.


      I have a question about the inheritance of password variables in the 2015.1.4. Within my OS-Set (in the configuration package) i've defined a parameter for the AD join user, password and OU. This three points I read from the variables pane and enter it as installation parameter in my configuration package. Then the installation parameters are set in the unattend.xml.

      Then i go ahead and move my client to the defined OU and reinstall the computer. Normally all variables should be inherited from the OU to the computer except the password is everything ok. But when the computerobject already exists in the defined OU and i retype the password in the variable field everything works.

      Is this a issue or am i just missing something. Here are two screenshots from the variables and the configuration package and from the unattend.


      password variable.jpg


      The password looks like this in the unattend.xml when the join won't work. When i type the password again, then i see the password correct.